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Diane Willock, MBA, CPCC

I am a Certified Professional Career Coach and I specialize in helping you to identify and achieve your professional goals through a very personalized approach. 

My background is in sales and marketing. I've been fortunate to work for both large corporations, newly formed start-ups and small entrepreneurial businesses: all with the goal of helping them achieve success. I am intimately familiar with the intricacies of how businesses work and what drives people. I have years of experience in researching, building connections, and networking to achieve win-win relationships. 

I spent my early years as a very successful sales professional and it was there I learned about honing and perfecting my approach and unique voice. I found what I enjoyed most  was the personal interaction and the desire to help find solutions to solve complex problems for individuals. 


I then changed career paths and began working with young adults and coaching them on careers and career paths.  I soon became certified in career coaching as I realized there is a tremendous need to help others pave their path for career success. Whether that means helping design a perfect resume, perfecting the interview process, formulating an impactful email or outreach,  optimizing a LinkedIn profile, practicing a "sales pitch" or providing general career advice.  I specialize in working with individuals who are in early career,  job re-entry or a career shift stage and have strong experience in the business and technology sectors.


I also enjoy completing tasks, organizing work, and streamlining processes to help busy professionals concentrate most on the important aspects of their business. This lead me to add on small business services to my coaching services; designed to provide the small business with services in the areas needed most.


Reach out to me today and let me know how I can help you.

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