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  • Diane Willock

5 Effects Covid will have on the work landscape and careers

If you are like me, the past year and a half have been a blur. It’s hard to even remember back pre-Covid what would constitute a normal workday for most people. I have visions of employees entering large office spaces, gathering at lunch, conversing about their morning meetings with clients to garner that elusive contract, packing up their computer for the night at 5 pm, and heading out the door to fight the rush hour traffic home.

Does anyone else remember this time?

It was typical and the norm. Enter Covid and this scenario is anything but the norm. First off, is anyone like me and wonder why there is rush-hour traffic at all hours of the day now???

Covid has changed everything, but its effect on the work landscape and future careers will be impactful.

Consider these 5 effects:

1. There will be more work-from-home options.

Many companies who offered work-from-home options during the pandemic not only did well, some of them outright thrived in the virtual environment. Companies realized that remote or hybrid work can be a viable option for certain roles and positions. Offering remote options for employees has distinct advantages. It can increase job satisfaction amongst employees, attract high-quality candidates located outside of the area, and offers a cost savings on capital resources, such as office buildings and equipment.

2. Jobs will demand employees be tech-savvy and adapt easily to new technology.

Remember when Zoom wasn’t a household name? If you considered yourself a bit technically challenged pre-Covid, the post-Covid work environment will demand that you get up to speed. There will be a bevy of new technologies and automated processes and programs to support virtual and hybrid work options. Those who have technical experience or can learn and adapt easily will thrive.

3. Strong communication (both oral and written) skills will be in high demand.

If you are in a customer-facing job, you have probably developed very good in-person communication skills. But as the career landscape changes to adopt more virtual roles, how do you come across on a screen? In remote work roles, the majority of interactions between co-workers and clients may be written. It is important to know how to communicate effectively in this environment.

4. Wherever you are…there you are.

Not only will work options become more remote, they also will be more mobile in time and space, meaning you can work from WHEREVER and WHENEVER you want. Thus, as referencing the traffic above, the term “rush hour” will be a thing of the past. This may create more traffic at odd times as people are out and about and less traffic at typical times Flexible work arrangements mean business can and will be done at different locations and times throughout the day. Relocation for a job becomes unnecessary if remote or even hybrid work is available.

5. More people will be switching careers or looking for a change

If you were unhappy with your job, your company, or your work environment pre-pandemic, now is when you, along with many others, will be considering a career change. The pandemic has really hit home that life is short and meant to be enjoyed. Why waste the majority of it being miserable at your job? Luckily there will be an abundance of new and available jobs that align better with your values and career goals, you just have to go out and find them!

Looking to make a change and need career advice or help with your resume? Contact The Advantage Coaching today and learn how we can help you achieve your career goals.

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